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Christian Necklaces

Simple Sterling Silver Cross Necklace
Price: $34.95
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Sterling Silver Fish Necklace
Price: $28.95
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Christian Necklaces! Choose from our wonderful selection of hip, fresh christian necklaces showcasing the cross!

Gone are the days when your only option was to wear a plain jane cross in order to show your love and admiration for what Jesus did for us on the cross. These wonderfully hip Christian Necklaces come in all types of styles, including black and white beads, colorful beads, and leather. We even carry slider Christian necklaces that can easily be adjusted in length. So maybe you want it closer to your neck, or maybe you want your cross to hang closer to your heart.

In addition to crosses, you also have a cross embedded on wood necklace, a cross and coin necklace, and a beautiful “In God I Trust” Christian themed Necklace to choose from. These beautiful Christian Necklaces are priced right and ship quickly. Order your very special necklace or Cross today!

Christian Necklaces